What is the Power Speed Profile?

Traditionally relative power (watts per kilogram bodymass) has been used as a measurement of cycling performance. However, relative power is only a good predictor of performance when speeds are below 25 km/h. To solve this problem the Power Speed Profile uses a different model in which all factors that influence speed are included.

We used the power values of top riders to calculate the speed that these riders would achieve given their (caculated) aerodynamic drag, climbing and rolling resistance and the friction of their bike parts. Then we calculated the power that the tested rider needs to produce, given his or her specific characteristics such as length and weight, to ride at the same speed as the top rider. The power produced by the tested rider during the defined critical periods (5, 15, 30 seconds and 1, 4 and a derived 60 minutes) is then divided by the power that is needed to ride at the same speed as the top rider. We called this the Performance Index.

The Performance Index is an acurate reflection of how a rider compares to the best riders in the world and can be used to identify the strenghts and weaknesses of a rider. More importantly the Performance Index can be used to monitor performance and helps to direct training and performance in the future.

Extensive documentation on the Power Speed Profile model and the Power Speed Profile test will be published in Sportgericht nr. 5 and 6 (2018). If you have any questions about the Power Speed Profile or the test, please send an email to marcovanbon@gmail.com.

The Power Speed Profile has been developed by Marco van Bon in collaboration with Guido Vroemen. Special thanks to Marco Reijne (TU Delft) for evaluating and improving our work.

Marco van Bon

Marco van Bon - Cycling coach Marco van Bon is a cycling coach and author of the book "Wielrentraining". More information about Marco and his coaching practice can be found at Van Bon-Cycling Performance.
Email: marcovanbon@gmail.com
Twitter: @marcovanbon
Instagram: marcovanbon

Guido Vroemen

Guido Vroemen Guido Vroemen is a MSc in Medical Biology and doctor in Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology and runs his own practice and performance lab in Amersfoort; the Sports Medical Center (SMA) Midden Nederland. His expertise is testing, training and monitoring of endurance athletes. In addition to his activities at the SMA, he is also sports physician at the Dutch Triathlon Association (NTB) and team doctor of Pro-Continental cycling team Roompot Nederlandse Loterij.
Email: guido@sportarts.org
Twitter: @sportarts